The first youth hostel opened on grass meadow here in China

   Instead of located in the county, Laoshay Youth Hostel Shangri-la is situated in right on the grass meadow 6 kms away from the town.

  People may wonder about where to go and what to visit in this lost horizon, and many of them simply leave here in great pity after just touring around in a couple of so called places of interest and staying overnight in the county. Is that the sacred heaven they've been dreaming about for so long?

  The answer is definitely no. The best of Shangri-la lies in the beauty of nature, at the vast grass meadow, on the nameless pastures where no buses or guides will lead you to. A piece of time for the peace of mind.

  Facing the boundless green, our hostel is right at the foot of the ShikaSnowMountain, with the Napa Lake Wetlands on the left and Shangri-laAirport on the right, surrounded by a constellation of Tibetan villages.

  For all year long, the grassland in front of the hostel is dotted by blocks of yak and sheep. Flowers in full blossom in summer, chamaejasme of luring scarlet in autumn, and land covered by silvery snow in the winter wonderland, which makes it a perfect world for photographers.

  Little tips:
   There is nothing but stunning view and Tibetan settlements. And there are no restaurants, bars or shops in the neighbourhood of our hostel.



电话:0887-8200766 15087228432


公共客厅液晶电脑上网 旅舍--县城微面接送 3元/人(8:00--22:00)
公共客厅大屏幕液晶电视(卫星接收) 轿车、越野车、长安小微面出租
公共客厅书刊阅览 家常餐饮(菜单点餐)
无线网络覆盖房间、庭院和客厅 国际青年旅舍会员卡办理      50元/张
详尽的摄影登山徒步自驾信息 自行车出租            20元/天
各地国际青年旅舍信息 搭伙用餐(仅限晚餐)       20元/餐
结伴同游信息 数码照片和音乐CD刻录       10元/张
各种棋类、乒乓球、台球 使用全自动洗衣机          8元/次
  使用烘干机             15元/次
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